The Fight of the People of America is the Fight of the People of the World!

By: Reece Gatliff

Co-founder of the CPUSA-Utah

In St. Louis, where the people have been fighting, fighting, always fighting back yet still, freedom and justice are being wholly renewed and strengthened along with democracy.

It is the popular, mass, total freedom, justice, and democracy of the streets, knowing only great potential and no fear.

“If we don’t get no justice, then they don’t get no peace!” That was the people’s battle-cry on October 4th up Interstate 64 in the face of lines of police decked-out in riot gear, showing only the great potential of what could be, can be, and will be and absolutely no fear.

Mass, unrelenting terror is being waged by the ruling-class against We the People. St. Louis is Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City is St. Louis.

Everywhere murderous municipal administrations, State governments, and Federal “representatives” claiming to truly “represent” the people attack us while shying away from facing us at town halls where they don’t even let us speak and threaten us with arrest if we say what is on everybody’s minds.

In our city, as of 2016, over 100,000 children according to the Boys and Girls Club (of which this author has proudly done volunteer work, serving others) live in food deserts, in their cars, on the street, no homeless shelters or any shelter period to protect them from the harsh, violent heat kicked up by the extreme climate change caused in-part by this authoritarian, anti-people regime here in SLC.

Mental health services are almost completely unaffordable to our people, as in St. Louis.

Lack of universal mental health care services, no shelter, food, or even clean water for starving parents and their children, among many other resolvable issues too numerous to name have been and are causing protests, strikes, and revolts.

Talk of fiery, Social people’s revolution to some degree inevitably seems to drip from the mouths of We the People, deny it all the capitalists want, throughout this fair land.

The Party, the CPUSA, is the heart, mind, body, and soul of the people of Utah, St. Louis, the whole nation.

The people are the heart, mind, body, and soul of the Party.

The Party is thus the antidote to the terror, this killing, this slaughter of the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, workers, the disabled, those in the middle-class, all those twice-damned by this unjust regime in St. Louis, SLC, anywhere and everywhere in the U.S.

We Communists are not ones to shy away from standing up to naked terror. Never have been. This people’s fighter has been spied on–harassed–by an unaccountable, corporate intelligence agency headed by an East European (don’t laugh!) who reported directly to the NSA because this people’s fighter simply wrote. This author used free speech to favor a peaceful ballot box revolution won via mass strikes, wrote to defend the Nepalese people’s own distinct revolution still to be won using the mass strike. I tried and failed to swing my very first punch by writing for that amazing, little-known organization known as the Kasama Project.

Always got back up to bat though. Gotta.

Never could give up. It wasn’t in my veins to do that.

Didn’t for the longest time know how to fight. How we fight makes all the difference in the world. Took a long, hellish back-and-forth struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a brutal chemical imbalance, and much soul searching to learn just how to really, truly fight like hell.

To give ‘em hell at that!

We the People must beat this disease, this sickness which always tries to get the best of us at the end of the day.

The only way to beat it, when glorious, beautiful morning–the victorious people’s sun–tries to always slip into the wonderful bliss of eternal darkness–the self-defeating setting of that very same sun–is to be nice to ourselves if we fail once, twice, a million times over.

We the People, from SLC, St. Louis, to Kathmandu, Donetsk, Manila, Istanbul in the countryside, cities, towns, villages, squares, parks, always searching must learn to wage this final fight through to the finish.

We the People must be one with ourselves always, always getting up to bat because that’s what these bastards fear the most.

With the most unrelenting, warm love and kind solidarity,


Co-founder of the CPUSA-Utah Reece Gatliff


Let’s Fight For New Socialist Courts in the Wake of Trump’s recent Judiciary Picks!

By: Reece Gatliff

Co-Founder of the CPUSA-Utah

Trump’s recent ultra-right picks for the court system proves the stark point that the courts are not neutral arbiters but class courts.

They are more specifically ultra-right bourgeois courts, dictatorial organs of the most aggressive wing of transnational capital designed to hold down the urban and rural proletariat and their middle-class and intellectual allies in the united front.

These class courts of the ultra-right bourgeoisie are a major means by which the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie holds down We the People.

We the People, once in control of our government, can render the courts proletarian courts. These proletarian courts will be based on a higher form of legality: Socialist legality.

The Socialized courts will set things to rights. Lawyers from the old order will be brought into the new courts. Special, popular people’s courts shall furthermore immensely aid the exercising of proletarian dictatorship over the defeated capitalist counterrevolutionaries.

In the fightback to make real Social courts, the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) is a decisive tool of the oppressed masses in realizing this lofty goal, nationally through its leadership in the people’s political and Social revolutions; the CPUSA-Utah is merely the statewide tool of the people of the Beehive State in effecting their very own distinct flurry of revolutions.

Let’s go under, fighting, fighting, and fighting until there is nothing left to fight against and we have new, proletarian courts under a federal, Socialist workers’ direct democracy based on the General Assemblies in Utah and the nation as a whole!

From “Beneath the Crimson Banner”

The New York Times

“Our City Will Now at Long Last Sell the Ice and More!”

Saratoga, N.Y. May 19th, 1919 Schenectady’s Socialist Mayor, seven years after the Socialized city had first tried to seize the ice, has seen to it that the ice be taken over once again. This time there is no wise judge in the Supreme Court to rescind the wild-eyed decision.

“Our city will now at long last sell the ice and more!” Mayor Lunn was quoted as saying in a press conference to much applause from workers in the audience. “This newly-elected people’s government–put into power by the united efforts of the entire working-class of Schenectady–shall see to it that the capitalists’ property is gradually transferred to the municipality. You did this, you brave workingmen and women!”

The moderate Socialist-dominated city council currently has an uneasy relationship with the rival Schenectady Soviet, with clamors from that lawless Bolshevik assembly to assume supreme legislative and even executive powers. Bolshevized Americans and a few Socialists too in the moderate-held All-N.Y. Council Congress have seen themselves fit to act as the true representatives of the masses. Tensions, nay passions, are high in the N.Y. Socialist State and especially in Schenectady. The mayor, for his part, has thrown his lot fully behind the city council. He has also gone as far as to hold out an olive branch to liberals, with the enticing promise of an electoral coalition. There is a general moderate Socialist-liberal consensus of no compromise with the sizable number of Communists just elected to the city council. It is at present not clear who will win in Schenectady.

Preamble to the 1968 Constitution of the German Democratic Republic

Preamble to the 1968 East German Constitution

Translation by: Reece Gatliff 

Continuing in the revolutionary Tradition of the German working-class and basing themselves on the Liberation from Fascism have the People (das Volk) of the German Democratic Republic while keeping in mind the process of the historical evolution of our current Epoch towards a single Law on Social-economy, achieved State and national self-determination and realized a developed Socialist Society (die entwickelte sozialistische Gesellschaft­).

Strong-willed, free to determine their Destiny, unswervingly committed to walking the Road of Socialism and Communism, Peace, Democracy and the Friendship of Peoples, the People of the German Democratic Republic have created this Socialist Constitution.



Christian-Socialists Must be at the Head of the Fight Against Capitalist Tyrants

By: Reece Gatliff 

The world screams out again for saviors: Tricky, lying Trump here in the United States, India’s oppressive Modi, the Philippine’s murderous Dutertre, and so many more.

They undoubtably see themselves as the people’s savior. Riding the laboring classes’ crest to power, they are consolidating their increasingly authoritarian rule where ever and whenever possible slowly, gingerly at first: Before long, unless stopped, they will assume absolute control, thinking themselves the will of the people.

Such “saviors” have always persecuted true believers, for true believers stand in the way of the would-be dictators’ consolidation of the executive branch of government.

Thrown into the lion’s den, true believers serve the distinct purpose of being merely convenient scapegoats for society’s many problems which the wannabe tyrants don’t really want to address or fix.

The early communal, small but vocal movement of Christians who followed the teachings of Christ after his miraculous resurrection had to be made examples of.

Jews had to be made examples of.

Fellow Communists–Old Bolsheviks–had to be made examples of.

Socialists had to be made examples of.

Trade-unionists had to be made examples of.

Roma had to be made examples of.

Kulaks had to be made examples of.

Bourgeois-democrats had to be made examples of.

Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Nero, etc. all essentially argued the same thing, following almost the same exact pattern.

The German Social-Democrat Karl Kautsky wrote in his controversial 1918 piece entitled Democracy or Dictatorship? (historically mistranslated as The Dictatorship of the Proletariat.) that “It is unthinkable that the advanced Socialist urban and rural working-people can successfully utilize all means at their disposal to emancipate the entire proletariat while also rejecting democracy.”

In embracing democratic-socialism, we Christian-socialists/communists must greatly aid the fight against these potential dictators by carrying the pack not one, but two miles forwards at the head of the workers’ socialist movement’s fight to liberate the broad mass of proletarians from capitalist despotism.

The Spirit of 1776


Can you dig it?

Its gone under many battle-cries:

Workers of the world unite!

Liberty, Fraternity, Equality!

Peace, land, and Bread!

In a social revolution, the people “go under” and become heroes to themselves and the most vulnerable.

July 4th, 2017, and the days, weeks, months, and years that follow forthwith will go down in history as days, weeks, months, and years of hope amidst despair.

Despair threatens to seize hold of the people and leave them impotent and incapable of changing their fate. A tyrant currently holds the highest office in the land; petty tyrants staff the city councils, State legislatures, and the national Congress.

On July 4th, 1776 the people of the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.

They pushed aside the tyrant King George III and all those petty tyrants in the municipalities and legislatures.

July 4th, 2017 should inspire us to push aside the tyrant Trump and every last petty tyrant, be they Democrat or Republican.






We Need To Fight: A Poem

We need to fight

We need to fight the powers that be

This war, these conflicts, which is all the capitalists can see

Death and destruction, Fascist “Americanism” setting democracy’s sun by force and bringing about wretched night

The Night of the Long Knives, the Night of Broken Glass, tyranny

Fascism is already here the Panthers yelled defiant

The democracy we have here is democracy for the capitalist, the bourgeois, not the worker black or white bought now by the Rich for a dear sum dearly

Slaves, we are slaves to the machine, pliant

And now we’ve been informed that they want to take away our healthcare

Paid sick-leave, if ever we had it!

The minimum wage lowered by Trump and Co. on a dare

A dare to see who can accelerate the class struggle the most, throw the worker and capitalist down into the war-torn hellish pit

To fight

To die

To live, with peace in sight

For fascism will pass us by

The Americanist Gestapo fascist imperialists and tricky, lying Trump

And all the running dogs and hanger-ons be they Republicans or Democrats

Will all find themselves in the people’s dump

where tyrants go, a place avoided by even the rats

Because everyone must fight, we rats of the Earth especially

So lets fight.

Lets end this bullshit together

We rats of the Earth









My Journey to Obtain Mental Well-Being and Independence

By: Reece Gatliff

My journey to obtain mental well-being and independence has been a long one, full of twists-and-turns, numerous setbacks and triumphs, and mighty struggles. This journey would overtime take me to Alliance House, to a better life.

A year ago from now, I was a wreck. Staying at an extended stay hotel, away from home, I chose to go into residential treatment up in Salt Lake City (SLC); the treatment program I chose was slated to last a year or more. I had a choice to only stay a month in a hospital up in Ohio, but I chose the harder option because I knew that what is hard is oftentimes the good in life.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) was the reason for going into treatment, extreme and very baffling OCD. Many a time while staying in residential treatment OCD thoughts cropped up and made it difficult to persevere. Trying, trying, always trying I failed again and again but kept on trying to beat the OCD; my initial attempts to beat it failed.

In October, having been in residential treatment since May 20th 2016, I briefly went to wilderness therapy in southern Utah. Sometimes, I wonder if it was for the best but the whole truth is wilderness gave me some of my worst life experiences and also some of my most wonderful ones. I furthermore figured out just how to win against it after a good long fight, leaving wilderness therapy in mid-November.

After a few hiccups and, after going out one of one residential treatment center to another, I was finally able to triumph over OCD. I applied to college and moved out of treatment into an apartment. This is the part of my story where Alliance House came into play. After a long while, I started attending Alliance House regularly, getting to know some great members and staff. I recently acquired a Transitional Employment (TE) opportunity at Wasatch Brewery.

Alliance House gives my life purpose. I love volunteering my time, always feeling both welcomed and useful. A year ago, I couldn’t imagine I’d be living independently in SLC. Nor could I imagine making something of myself as a writer, son, brother, and friend. I am hopeful for the future.

Daring to Dream Dangerously in the Post-Occupy World

Besides, we, the Social Democrats, do not

simply “want to make a noise like Socialists.” We

actually want to do something as Socialists. We want

to be constructive and build up, not only destructive

and tear down.

–Victor L. Berger

Occupy Wall Street. The name conjures up images of police brutality, masses of people taking over parks nationwide, and signs and banners proclaiming that we the people are the “99%” united against the rich “1%.” As a sixteen-year-old high school student living many years ago in Atlanta, a time which seems oftentimes like a distant memory, an echo, I had attended an Occupy Atlanta General Assembly (GA) meeting in downtown Woodruff Park. Then, there was no impossibilism for us, to use 20th-century Milwaukee socialist Victor L. Berger’s wonderful phrase: There was only the will of the people. I became convinced that we must build up rather than tear down; to this day, as a socialist I want to build up rather than tear down. The best way to build up is to create new GA’s. In daring to dream dangerously in the post-Occupy world, the impossible at once becomes possible.

Just what was the GA, that sphinx so tantalizing to the bourgeois mind?

The GA, simply put, was an organ of popular people’s power.

The first GA in New York was a logistical nightmare. New people to the GA found it hard to find their niche, to get involved in a working group or caucus; the working groups and caucuses themselves had trouble communicating with each other, hampering their effectiveness. Attendance was furthermore sporadic, marginalized members of the GA left out of the democratic process, with little to no accountability for financing the GA. Community and political engagement were lacking.

The answer to the chaos was the Spokes Council. In a document entitled The Structure of the New York General Assembly submitted by the Structure Working Group, the Spokes Council was proposed; shortly thereafter, it would be created.

The Village Voice reported on the initial meeting of the NYC GA Spokes Council. The Spokes Council met in “a sweaty high school cafeteria in lower Manhattan.”

The Village Voice explained that:

In contrast with the General Assembly, the Spokes Council uses actual microphones, meets indoors and operates on a “spokes” system: working groups that take part sit together and groups are arranged in a circle, like spokes on a wheel. Each working group is represented by an individual, or “spoke,” who rotates every meeting.

Made up of roughly 200 people, the new Spokes Council was better organized than the GA but still somewhat chaotic. Nonetheless, it was better than nothing.

Not just the Spokes Council but actual leaders arose in the GA, leading it and therefore transforming the GA somewhat into an organ of indirect democracy although direct democracy still predominated in spirit if not in practice.

The GA would ultimately be torn apart by factionalism and the repressive power of the state. Police dismantled the tents many chose to call home while organizers argued endlessly about whether to become a political party or keep the GA structure intact. Eventually the Occupy movement, started by a few brave souls in Zuccotti Park on September 17th, 2011, died.

Which brings us back to those halcyon days as a high schooler in Woodruff Park. The day after I had attended a meeting of the GA, police raided the park and shut down the Atlanta GA for good.

The police raid raised in my mind years later the pertinent question of political power. We the people, because we lacked political power, could not win. We were checkmated by the raw power of the state, ruthless in its intent to safeguard the capitalist system.

People’s control over the municipality is needed if the next incarnation of the GA is to triumph. This means conquering state power at the local level by winning control of the mayoral position, police chiefship, and city council. The new state based on the GA can be nurtured by the existing state freed from capitalist domination.

As a socialist, there is no impossibilism for me; the impossible at once becomes possible when we dare to dream dangerously. Of this fact, I am certain.

Erich Correns – A Brief Biographical Statement out of the handbook “Who was Who in the DDR?” (Translated from the original German)

Erich Correns

Chemist. President of the National Council of the National Front.

Biographical Statements out of the handbook Who was Who in the DDR?

Born in Tübingen; Father Karl Erich C., biologist; Gymnasium in Leipzig and Münster; Army service; 1918-22 studied chemistry, physics, and botany at the University Berlin and Tübingen, 1922 promoted to Dr. phil. in Berlin; 1922-24 assistant at Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute (KWI) for chemistry Berlin and at KWI for leather research Dresden; 1925 Industrial chemist for IG Farben Elberfeld, 1931 dir. of the Acetyl cellulose-business Elberfeld, 1933 dir. of the Copper-art silken factory Dormagen, 1937 dir. and construction of Cell wool-and Art silk GmbH Schwarza (Thür.); 1939 reprimanded by NS-authorities and forced resignation as manager; Wife died on transport to KZ; after 1939 advisor chemist for the Thür. Cell wool AG and the Cell wool-art silken-group.

1946 dir. of the Cell substance- and paper factory Rosenthal in Blankenstein (Saale); 1948-51 director of the Thür. Art silken works in Schwarza; 1949 NP; 1950-81 President of the National Council of the National Front; Fellow citizen of the journal Fiber Research and Textile Technology (later Journal Polymerica) Sec. member of the DAW. 1951-62 director of Institute for fiber substance research in Teltow-Seehof; 1953-59 professor for chemical technology Cell substance production at TH Dresden; 1954 VVO; beginning in 1954 representative in the People’s Chamber; Member of the ZV of the DSF and the president of the Councils of the KB; 1956 Dr. jur. h.c. of the HU Berlin; 1957 member of the Research Councils and 1960 States Councils; 1961 em.; 1971 KMO.

Recognized expert for cellular chemistry. Worked over Reaction processes by manufacturing tech. Cell substance and over Bacteria cellulose.