By: Reece Gatliff

In Nietzsche’s philosophy, everyone can become a hero to his or her self by keeping sight of one’s highest hope. The Venezuelan people are making history, not losing sight of their highest hope–the communal socialist state–and in doing so becoming heroes to themselves and society.

Much ink has been spilt focusing on the doom and gloom behind the constant, recent unrest rocking Venezuela. Images pour out, images of burning trucks and cars, Molotov cocktails being lobbed at police, and structures both public and private reduced to ashes. The naked, unobservant eye sees only these images of woe and chaos, producing unpleasant thoughts of hopelessness and despair; these images are not reality: The reality is that the communal socialist state is just within reach, an antidote to the feeling of hopelessness and despair.

The upcoming Constituent Assembly is the harbinger of what is to come. Not just workers, los compensinos, and intellectuals but also women, people with disabilities, businesspersons, and many more citizens are to be included in the rewriting of the Bolivarian Constitution.

The MUD (Democratic Unity Roundtable) has thus far proven wholly incapable of destroying the Bolivarian Republic. Shorn of support from the working-class barrios, numerous members of the electoral coalition have taken to committing vicious acts of terrorism. They offer not a bright, hopeful future but a bleak one. It will take immense courage to overcome the MUD and usher in full-blown socialism; courage which the people of Venezuela undoubtedly have.

The old society, represented by the MUD, is dead. The new society is in a constant process of becoming. Hate shall be resoundingly defeated in the struggle for this new social order. Venezuelans are overcoming the violent protests by taking the necessary steps to alter their constitution in the interest of creating a more just, communal socialist society.

Let’s do all that we can to help them through this difficult time from the belly of the imperialist beast.

Hands off Venezuela!


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