By: Reece Gatliff

Hegel remarks somewhere, in his Philosophy of Right that all the sovereign must do is merely apply his or her signature to a law or decree, giving it immediate, forceful authority. It is the name here that counts. However, lurking behind the signature of the sovereign is the prevailing system. In Hegel’s example, the prevailing system would be that of the early-modern capitalist constitutional monarchy. Understanding this hidden fact is crucial to the resistance, if it is to adequately resist.

Some explanation, first, before getting into just how to resist.

Trump the president is but an appendage of this moribund system, exercising not his own will but the system’s will. Every time he signs a bill into law, or applies his signature to a written decree, he is advancing the cause of the transnational capitalist system.

In opposing the president, we are opposing the system. This fact is oftentimes hidden from sight, hence our frequent disgust with whatever new, horrible thing Trump does; we are really disgusted by what the system does.

DAPL, the rescinding of subsidies on solar power and health care, the cuts to funding for public schools and poor-relief programs, etc. are all actions which the most reactionary wing of the ruling capitalist class represented by the Republican Party has been taking and will continue to take: Trump’s signature, his revolting statements, his will are tied to this most reactionary wing of transnational capital; the fight thus is against this wing, not against the president per se, however when we resist the system we tend to butt heads with the bully-in-chief.

Now to the matter at hand, that of effectively resisting the system, the new fascism.

To an end electoral activity, voter registration drives, running for office, etc. are all part of the democratic struggle, a stepping stone to the class struggle.

To make for effective resistance, we must use the democratic struggle to bolster the class struggle and vice versa.

McDonald’s strikers a few years back being arrested comes to mind as what happens when we the people lack political power. With political power, the people can use the local police force to aid future strikes once having gained control over a strike-ridden municipality via electoral action; with people’s control over the mayoral position, the police chiefship, and the city council our economic power can be exercised effectively in the interest of beating capitalists on their own turf.

Communists are in the vanguard of the resistance against fascism. We are the most advanced rebels, who know the line of march. Our views are that of the proletariat, to which the author of this article proudly belongs. We fight in the trenches on the political and economic battlefield while exercising our collective Will to Socialism, the first perquisite for realizing the overthrow of capitalism. Communists are fighters, and always have been.

Let’s form ranks and fight this decadent, dying system. Fascism can’t exist alongside a combative working-class; it needs to destroy this combative working-class. Rather than let the system get the best of us, we will fight the fascists wherever we find them, not letting them break the workers’ defensive line. Not just defense, but offense is needed as well if we are to triumph. Through proper use of the Will, the proletariat can obtain class hegemony over a bourgeoise that has been resoundingly defeated. Of this fact, I am certain.


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