Erich Correns

Chemist. President of the National Council of the National Front.

Biographical Statements out of the handbook Who was Who in the DDR?

Born in Tübingen; Father Karl Erich C., biologist; Gymnasium in Leipzig and Münster; Army service; 1918-22 studied chemistry, physics, and botany at the University Berlin and Tübingen, 1922 promoted to Dr. phil. in Berlin; 1922-24 assistant at Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute (KWI) for chemistry Berlin and at KWI for leather research Dresden; 1925 Industrial chemist for IG Farben Elberfeld, 1931 dir. of the Acetyl cellulose-business Elberfeld, 1933 dir. of the Copper-art silken factory Dormagen, 1937 dir. and construction of Cell wool-and Art silk GmbH Schwarza (Thür.); 1939 reprimanded by NS-authorities and forced resignation as manager; Wife died on transport to KZ; after 1939 advisor chemist for the Thür. Cell wool AG and the Cell wool-art silken-group.

1946 dir. of the Cell substance- and paper factory Rosenthal in Blankenstein (Saale); 1948-51 director of the Thür. Art silken works in Schwarza; 1949 NP; 1950-81 President of the National Council of the National Front; Fellow citizen of the journal Fiber Research and Textile Technology (later Journal Polymerica) Sec. member of the DAW. 1951-62 director of Institute for fiber substance research in Teltow-Seehof; 1953-59 professor for chemical technology Cell substance production at TH Dresden; 1954 VVO; beginning in 1954 representative in the People’s Chamber; Member of the ZV of the DSF and the president of the Councils of the KB; 1956 Dr. jur. h.c. of the HU Berlin; 1957 member of the Research Councils and 1960 States Councils; 1961 em.; 1971 KMO.

Recognized expert for cellular chemistry. Worked over Reaction processes by manufacturing tech. Cell substance and over Bacteria cellulose.



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