We need to fight

We need to fight the powers that be

This war, these conflicts, which is all the capitalists can see

Death and destruction, Fascist “Americanism” setting democracy’s sun by force and bringing about wretched night

The Night of the Long Knives, the Night of Broken Glass, tyranny

Fascism is already here the Panthers yelled defiant

The democracy we have here is democracy for the capitalist, the bourgeois, not the worker black or white bought now by the Rich for a dear sum dearly

Slaves, we are slaves to the machine, pliant

And now we’ve been informed that they want to take away our healthcare

Paid sick-leave, if ever we had it!

The minimum wage lowered by Trump and Co. on a dare

A dare to see who can accelerate the class struggle the most, throw the worker and capitalist down into the war-torn hellish pit

To fight

To die

To live, with peace in sight

For fascism will pass us by

The Americanist Gestapo fascist imperialists and tricky, lying Trump

And all the running dogs and hanger-ons be they Republicans or Democrats

Will all find themselves in the people’s dump

where tyrants go, a place avoided by even the rats

Because everyone must fight, we rats of the Earth especially

So lets fight.

Lets end this bullshit together

We rats of the Earth










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