Can you dig it?

The ideal has gone under many rallying cries in times of hardship:

Workers of the world unite!

Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Peace, land, and Bread!


In a revolution, the Sozialischen Volk, the Narod, le peuple, We the People “go under,” becoming heroes to ourselves and society in ending the corrupt, old order.

July 4th. Independence Day. The Spirit of 1776.

July 4th, 2017, and the days, weeks, months, and years that will follow it will go down in history as days, weeks, months, and years of both despair … and hope.

Despair because of all of the hardship, suffering, poverty, wars, and authoritarianism. Despair which threatens to seize hold of the people and subjugate them, leave them impotent and incapable of changing their fate. A tyrant currently holds the highest office in the land, with a bona fide fascist among his staff to boot; no, many more fascists, for those Republicans staffing the Executive branch and national Congress, the State legislatures and municipalities’ elected offices are at the very least culpable in making fascism a distinct possibility in destroying America, democracy irregardless of one’s class, liberty for all.

Yes, despair is very prevalent now, creeping up whenever a rock hard Democrat with massive corporate kickbacks laughs at the people’s demand for Medicaid for all, or whenever a Republican-spearheaded law emanating from a racist State legislature viciously attacks the First Amendment to the Constitution.

But hope is also prevalent. It is alive whenever workers cooperate in their place of employment. It is alive in healthcare and anti-Trump rallies, in national call-ins to plan further resistance, Socialist meeting rooms full of moderate and radical Socialists joined together as one mass, in trade unions whenever they strike or just plain stay defiant through their simply “being there”, in the February 17th, March 8th, and May 1st strikes and all further strikes to come, in neighborhoods petty-bourgeois and working-class, among blacks, whites, Native Americans resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline, Latinos/Latinas, gays and straights, among ALL PEOPLE.

Hope for a different world, for Socialism, for real democracy and genuine liberty for everyone in this country and on this crowded, diverse, rich Earth of ours.

But to have those things, we must fight for them in the here-and-now, we must MAKE SOCIALIST REVOLUTION.

All that is solid melts into thin air, to paraphrase Karl Marx, in not just making Socialist revolution but in leading it.

In leading it, We the People become true masters of our fates.

The people of the former Russian Empire, in making Social revolution in October 1917 based on the local Sovetii or councils, called for Narodniia Vlast (People’s Control). People’s Control over elected officials, over the economy, over foreign affairs in a nation wracked by global, international warfare, people’s control wherever control had been taken out of people’s hands by successive governments Czarist and Bourgeois.

People in America hear a lot that “there is no control.” That we can’t do jack shit about all this war, poverty, violations of international law, this shit that passes for the new “normal” these troubled days.

On July 4th, 1776 the people of the thirteen colonies in seeing their legislatures and elected city and town governments dissolved, their women raped and killed, the King trample on them day-in-and-day-out resolved to create new government backed up by a people armed.

They implemented, for their times, that very same people’s control that citizens of the former Russian Empire did in 1917.

July 4th, 2017 should inspire us to take bold action in the interest of taking back that control that we’ve lost through revolution by any means necessary.

Today, the Spirit of 1776 lives on not just whenever and wherever we resist but in the hearts and minds of We the People.

We’ll beat these tyrants.







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