The Evolutionary, Congressional Socialist Path to Power

By: Reece Gatliff

In the United States, universal suffrage prevails. Our Constitution’s first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Under such free, open conditions, the Congressional path to power is wholly possible and desirable; exploring this peaceful method of seizing power is the aim of the author.

The Congressional path to power is part-and-parcel with the people’s revolution, the first stage of which is the political revolution.

The political revolution is the initial path to power, via social revolution through the ballot box. It entails the replacing of corrupt Republican and Democratic Party officials with honest socialist ones, starting at the local level and working upwards to the State and Federal levels.

Each election and new office won and held by the left serves as a means of education, a teaching moment for the masses. Education is how the working-class goes over to the side of the political revolution, how social revolution through the ballot box–the Congressional path to power–is made wholly possible. Workers are taught how to fight, where to fight, and when to fight. They are furthermore turned away from Trumpian, fascist ideas towards socialist ideas, from regressionism to progressivism.

The political revolution is personified by numerous twists-and-turns, shifting class alliances, and much debate, criticism, and self-criticism. It is a wholly democratic struggle, a stepping-stone to the second socialist stage of people’s revolution. The educators are educated throughout, mixing with their constituencies. Every fighter deep down in the trenches knows that they are but a humble servant of the proletariat, both teaching workers and learning from them, the two half-truths merging dialectically into one collective whole truth.

Over a hundred-years-ago, the Salt Lake City Council of Workers’, Soldiers’, and Sailors’ Deputies called resoundingly for “mass action to build up a real democratic government, a government of the workers, for the workers, and by the workers, to take control of politics and industry out of the hands of big business.”

Real democratic government, the object of the political revolution, is just within our grasp.

We must reach out and grab hold of it, through joint action of the entire left. Soon, a united working-class people’s ticket will usher in the socialist republic of tomorrow. Then, freedom will reign across our fair land forever.