On Resistance to the New Fascism

By: Reece Gatliff

Hegel remarks somewhere, in his Philosophy of Right that all the sovereign must do is merely apply his or her signature to a law or decree, giving it immediate, forceful authority. It is the name here that counts. However, lurking behind the signature of the sovereign is the prevailing system. In Hegel’s example, the prevailing system would be that of the early-modern capitalist constitutional monarchy. Understanding this hidden fact is crucial to the resistance, if it is to adequately resist.

Some explanation, first, before getting into just how to resist.

Trump the president is but an appendage of this moribund system, exercising not his own will but the system’s will. Every time he signs a bill into law, or applies his signature to a written decree, he is advancing the cause of the transnational capitalist system.

In opposing the president, we are opposing the system. This fact is oftentimes hidden from sight, hence our frequent disgust with whatever new, horrible thing Trump does; we are really disgusted by what the system does.

DAPL, the rescinding of subsidies on solar power and health care, the cuts to funding for public schools and poor-relief programs, etc. are all actions which the most reactionary wing of the ruling capitalist class represented by the Republican Party has been taking and will continue to take: Trump’s signature, his revolting statements, his will are tied to this most reactionary wing of transnational capital; the fight thus is against this wing, not against the president per se, however when we resist the system we tend to butt heads with the bully-in-chief.

Now to the matter at hand, that of effectively resisting the system, the new fascism.

To an end electoral activity, voter registration drives, running for office, etc. are all part of the democratic struggle, a stepping stone to the class struggle.

To make for effective resistance, we must use the democratic struggle to bolster the class struggle and vice versa.

McDonald’s strikers a few years back being arrested comes to mind as what happens when we the people lack political power. With political power, the people can use the local police force to aid future strikes once having gained control over a strike-ridden municipality via electoral action; with people’s control over the mayoral position, the police chiefship, and the city council our economic power can be exercised effectively in the interest of beating capitalists on their own turf.

Communists are in the vanguard of the resistance against fascism. We are the most advanced rebels, who know the line of march. Our views are that of the proletariat, to which the author of this article proudly belongs. We fight in the trenches on the political and economic battlefield while exercising our collective Will to Socialism, the first perquisite for realizing the overthrow of capitalism. Communists are fighters, and always have been.

Let’s form ranks and fight this decadent, dying system. Fascism can’t exist alongside a combative working-class; it needs to destroy this combative working-class. Rather than let the system get the best of us, we will fight the fascists wherever we find them, not letting them break the workers’ defensive line. Not just defense, but offense is needed as well if we are to triumph. Through proper use of the Will, the proletariat can obtain class hegemony over a bourgeoise that has been resoundingly defeated. Of this fact, I am certain.


A Work in Progress: The Weimar Imperial Constitution

The Constitution of the German Empire

(“Weimar Imperial Constitution”)

Adopted on August 11th, 1919


The German People, few in Number and empowered by their Will, through the active renewal and strengthening of Freedom and Justice in the Empire, the serving of domestic and foreign Peace and the fostering of Social progress, have created this Constitution.

Article I: The German Empire is a Republic. State authority derives from the consent of the governed.  

Article II: Imperial jurisdiction is based out of the territories of the German States. Other territories can through Imperial law be incorporated into the Empire, only when based however on the right of popular self-determination of their respective populations.

Article III: The Imperial colors are black-red-gold. The Merchant flag is black-white-red with the Imperial colors in the canton.

Article IV: The recognized universal Rules of International law are in-effect binding Components of all Imperial and State laws.

Article V: State authority is a federal prerogative whenever it is exercised through the Organs of the Empire on the Foundation of the Imperial Constitution, and State-based whenever it is exercised through the Organs of the States on the Foundation of the various State government constitutions.

Holding Out for a Communal Socialist Commonwealth in Venezuela

By: Reece Gatliff

In Nietzsche’s philosophy, everyone can become a hero to his or her self by keeping sight of one’s highest hope. The Venezuelan people are making history, not losing sight of their highest hope–the communal socialist state–and in doing so becoming heroes to themselves and society.

Much ink has been spilt focusing on the doom and gloom behind the constant, recent unrest rocking Venezuela. Images pour out, images of burning trucks and cars, Molotov cocktails being lobbed at police, and structures both public and private reduced to ashes. The naked, unobservant eye sees only these images of woe and chaos, producing unpleasant thoughts of hopelessness and despair; these images are not reality: The reality is that the communal socialist state is just within reach, an antidote to the feeling of hopelessness and despair.

The upcoming Constituent Assembly is the harbinger of what is to come. Not just workers, los compensinos, and intellectuals but also women, people with disabilities, businesspersons, and many more citizens are to be included in the rewriting of the Bolivarian Constitution.

The MUD (Democratic Unity Roundtable) has thus far proven wholly incapable of destroying the Bolivarian Republic. Shorn of support from the working-class barrios, numerous members of the electoral coalition have taken to committing vicious acts of terrorism. They offer not a bright, hopeful future but a bleak one. It will take immense courage to overcome the MUD and usher in full-blown socialism; courage which the people of Venezuela undoubtedly have.

The old society, represented by the MUD, is dead. The new society is in a constant process of becoming. Hate shall be resoundingly defeated in the struggle for this new social order. Venezuelans are overcoming the violent protests by taking the necessary steps to alter their constitution in the interest of creating a more just, communal socialist society.

Let’s do all that we can to help them through this difficult time from the belly of the imperialist beast.

Hands off Venezuela!

The Evolutionary, Congressional Socialist Path to Power

By: Reece Gatliff

In the United States, universal suffrage prevails. Our Constitution’s first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Under such free, open conditions, the Congressional path to power is wholly possible and desirable; exploring this peaceful method of seizing power is the aim of the author.

The Congressional path to power is part-and-parcel with the people’s revolution, the first stage of which is the political revolution.

The political revolution is the initial path to power, via social revolution through the ballot box. It entails the replacing of corrupt Republican and Democratic Party officials with honest socialist ones, starting at the local level and working upwards to the State and Federal levels.

Each election and new office won and held by the left serves as a means of education, a teaching moment for the masses. Education is how the working-class goes over to the side of the political revolution, how social revolution through the ballot box–the Congressional path to power–is made wholly possible. Workers are taught how to fight, where to fight, and when to fight. They are furthermore turned away from Trumpian, fascist ideas towards socialist ideas, from regressionism to progressivism.

The political revolution is personified by numerous twists-and-turns, shifting class alliances, and much debate, criticism, and self-criticism. It is a wholly democratic struggle, a stepping-stone to the second socialist stage of people’s revolution. The educators are educated throughout, mixing with their constituencies. Every fighter deep down in the trenches knows that they are but a humble servant of the proletariat, both teaching workers and learning from them, the two half-truths merging dialectically into one collective whole truth.

Over a hundred-years-ago, the Salt Lake City Council of Workers’, Soldiers’, and Sailors’ Deputies called resoundingly for “mass action to build up a real democratic government, a government of the workers, for the workers, and by the workers, to take control of politics and industry out of the hands of big business.”

Real democratic government, the object of the political revolution, is just within our grasp.

We must reach out and grab hold of it, through joint action of the entire left. Soon, a united working-class people’s ticket will usher in the socialist republic of tomorrow. Then, freedom will reign across our fair land forever.